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FlightScope Scout application released to the market

04 August 2016 - The brand new FlightScope Scout app was released to the iTunes store today. The application is specially made for Scouts that will be attending this year's Area Code Baseball Games. The launch ushers in a new era of baseball data analytics where scouts will be able to view real time Sabermetrics.

Pitch velocity, spin rate, exit speed and vertical launch will be readily available for the recruiters to view. All this as well as a live stream of the games will be available on

Scouts and coaches will be able to download player reports and view leaderboards showing detailed data analysis for various facets of the game.

FS Scout iPad Screen

FlightScope at the 2016 Area Code Baseball Games

16 August 2016 - FlightScope was the official radar technology at the 2016 Area Code Baseball Games. The games were streamed live with a FlightScope data overlay on and all the videos are saved on the website available to view only once registered and logged in. Registration on is free.

The pitch and hit data that was available to view on the live stream was the following: velocity, spin rate, break, zone command, exit speed, carry distance, and ball flight time. Additionally, scouts and coaches were able to download FlightScope Scout app on their mobile device to get real-time data analysis for player performance during each game. More detailed information on the players' performances can be seen on Leaderboards for max pitch speed, average pitch speed, average pitch spin, batting max exit speed, average exit speed and carry distance are also available for all Area Code Baseball Games on the website.

Hunter Green, who is at the top of the pitch speed leaderboard, is rumored to be at the top of the recruiting list for the scouts for this year. Click here for his pitch report, batting report, zone command report and many other baseball analytics on his performance in this year's games.