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Adding Speed to Your Golf Swing

13 March 2017

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Chris Tyler from Rotary Swing gives tips on how to get more speed by transferring more weight during a swing. Using the X2 Elite and BodiTrak, Chris is able to validate the changes he makes to his swing and demonstrate how those changes impact his numbers. As he explains, the fault that damages speed and…

Stephen Aumock for the Golf Slot Machine.

Stephen Aumock: A Deeper Understanding with the X3

28 February 2017

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Stephen Aumock is not only a FlightScope Advisor Board member, he is the Director of Instruction for FlightScope Academy Professional Level Certification. In 2009, he was awarded the PGA’s highest designation, Master Instructor, an honor only achieved by approximately 100 instructors around the world. We asked Stephen what he is looking forward to the most…


Tina Tombs: The X3 is Coming

17 February 2017

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Tina Tombs, 2014 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, has been a longtime customer of FlightScope. Tina started playing golf at a young age and went to Arizona State with a full golf scholarship. In 2001, she established Tina Tombs Golf and shortly after in 2003 relocated it to the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club. Amongst…


Dan Carraher’s thoughts on the X3

09 February 2017

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Dan Carraher, who has been awarded Top 50 Instructor in the World multiple times, was recently named a FlightScope Advisory Board Member. Dan has taught players on the PGA, Nationwide, and LPGA tours as well as multiple NCAA National Champions in collegiate golf. Recently being introduced to the X3, Dan gave us his thoughts on…


Sergio Garcia testing the 2017 M2 Driver with the FlightScope Xi Tour & FlightScope Tracer

03 February 2017

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Check out this video by TaylorMade Golf of Segio Garcing testing the 2017 M2 Driver with the FlightScope Xi Tour & FlightScope Tracer.

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