Certification Info:

- The only way to become Professional Certified is by attending a Live Academy.
Anyone can attend (Customers, prospects, etc.). If they want to become Operator Certified, they need to have a FlightScope unit as well as an active support agreement.
This training is about an hour over the phone or on Skype.
After the training, we send them a link to take the test.
- To register for the operational training they can just call sales or support and we schedule it with Alex or Justin here in the U.S. Ian does them for SA and Europe
To register for a professional academy, they must do it online.
After attending the live Academy, they will have an account already and will take the test here: https://academy.flightscope.com/
- When they attend the live Academy, they will receive a notebook with material and places to take notes. That will be their study guide.
- They will have 3 attempts to pass the exam. They will need 80% to pass.
- After the test is passed, we will mail them a certificate with their name that says Professional Certified.