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Train smarter

Use Skills for precision game improvement, student benchmarking, or even a friendly competition with your friends.


Track real-time, measured data wirelessly

From the time you take your swing till your golf ball lands, the Skills will track your club and ball data in real-time, and since our FlightScope units are wirelessly integrated with your mobile device, it will show you all your data parameters.


Use the custom target creator to build your own challenges

Model your challenge after a specific course, or create standardized tests to benchmark your students. Customize the dimensions, distance, number of shots, scoring zones and lateral offset for each target.

Select from four target types:

  • Circular
  • Radial
  • Fairway Grid Carry
  • Fairway Grid Roll

Review your games on the app or online

With the Skills you can get immediate feedback on your practice results or you can login to where you can upload your results and compare them to other players and even share them with your friends.


FlightScope Combine

Do you want to know how you stack up against PGA Tour Players? Then why not play the FlightScope Combine where you have the opportunity to compare your shot results with those of the PGA Tour Players.

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All the data at your fingertips

With the Skills app you have access to 24 different club and ball data parameters. You can toggle back-and-forth between shots to quickly compare data of these shots.


Compete, compare & share on

See how you measure up to Skills players around the world on our global leaderboards; available for past and present competitions on Filter the leaderboard results to compare your best score with players of similar ability, age or gender.

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Sync your Skills challenges from the web to mobile devices

Browse all active FlightScope and community competitions on, then add the ones you want to your Playbook.

Next time you load the Skills app on your mobile device, your games will be ready for you to play instantly.



Available for your iOS or Android mobile device.