The VX app includes features ranging from detailed shot analysis to side-by-side video analysis, to shot dispersion.


Track real-time, measured data wirelessly

Track your ball flight from launch till landing for the most accurate carry distances. Analyze your swing with real-time measured swing plane and club data at impact.

VX2 Shot groupings

Shot groupings

Compare shot dispersions of different clubs on one easy to read screen.

VX2 3D Swing Plane

3D Swing Plane

View your club impact parameters in full 3-D animation.

VX2 Shot Table

Shot Table

View all shot data or summaries with averages and deviations (for 21 parameters) in table format.

VX2 Dashboard


A fully customizable dashboard that allows you to view selected data points that you want to focus on.

VX2 Shot Trajectories

Shot Trajectories

Both Horizontal and Vertical trajectories can be displayed for every club in your bag.

VX2 Video Comparison

Video Comparison

Split screen video analysis with ball trajectory or club data. Analyzing your swing has never been easier with the integrated drawing tools and tempo calculator.

The VX app allows the user the flexibility to customize his or her training experience with these interchangeable data points that can be individually selected

Some golfers might prefer to focus on Club Head Speed, Spin & Carry Distance, while another golfer might want to focus on Angle of Attack, Vertical Launch Angle & Club Path.


The VX app

Available for your iOS or Android mobile device.