xi+ xi tour X3
Hardware Features xi+ xi tour X3
Fusion Tracking
Wireless Boresight Camera
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Auto Leveling
Ethernet Interface to PC
USB Interface to PC
Battery Life up to 4 h up to 4 h up to 6 h
Data Parameters
Ball Speed
Club Speed
Smash Factor
Carry Distance
Roll Distance
Total Distance
Lateral Landing
Shot Dispersion
Distance to Pin
Skills Score
Vertical Launch Angle
Horizontal Launch Angle
Angle of Attack
Spin Axis
Spin loft
Club Speed Profile
Acceleration Profile
Appex Height
Descent Angle
Flight Time
Face to Path
Face to Target
Club Path
Dynamic Loft
Swing Plane Horizontal
Swing Plane Vertical
Low Point
Chipping Data
Putting Data
Data Parameters
Short Game
Video Lesson
FlightScope VX
FlightScope Skills
PC v11 Software
FocusBand Integration
BodiTrak Integration