Adding Speed to Your Golf Swing

Watch as Chris Tyler from Rotary Swing gives a few drills you can try to help you in transferring your weight to improve consistency.

U.S. Golf TV Drills

U.S. Golf TV – Golf Drills Using FlightScope

In another segment of Teaching with Technology, Todd Kolb explains how drills can help golfers focus on key skills when they’re practicing on the driving range. By using FlightScope data to reinforce the recommended drills and swing technique, he demonstrates how using technology during lessons gives both the player and coach an advantage.


Brad Brewer- How FocusBand Helps My Students Get Results

Golf Digest’s Top 50 Instructor in Florida Brad Brewer shares how using FlightScope combined with FocusBand helps validate his student’s routines and habits by giving them insight on their mental state. Brad emphasizes how important mental training in golf is in helping his student’s improve.


Controlling your Swing Path with Rotary Swing

Rotary Swing Tour Director of Certification, Chris Tyler, shows golfers how to prevent early extension in their golf swing by examining the cause and effect of this fault.


How to Get More Distance with a Driver

FlightScope Representative and 2015 GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional Rob Stocke gives golfers tips on how to maximize distance dramatically with a driver.


Publish Function in VX app

Did you know there is a Publish Function in the VX app? Check out this tutorial by FlightScope Representative Rob Stocke.


Comparison Tool in VX App

Learn how to use the Comparison Tool in the VX app with FlightScope Representative Rob Stocke.

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