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Photo of the revamped MyFlightScope.com showing some of the data that users can get from the site.

FlightScope Re-Vamps Data Platform To Accelerate Game Improvement

4 May 2015
MyFlightScope.com gives users access to valuable statistics and player reports

ORLANDO, Fla. - May 4, 2015 - FlightScope®, a world leader in sports technology, today announces the re-vamped MyFlightScope.com, an online tool for helping players improve technique and overall game performance. The platform works with the FlightScope software and mobile applications to automatically upload all of a user's data from a training session directly into the site's reporting system, allowing players from across the world to compare their data against thousands of others.

My FlightScope.com gives golfers the option to track and compare their data individually per session, over time, or to PGA professionals and other MyFlightScope.com users in various demographics through live leaderboards. The ability to track their progress against other FlightScope users gives teachers and students alike a simple, graphically rich tool to see their progress advance over time and develop appropriate benchmarks.

"Our team is constantly looking for innovative ways to help FlightScope users take advantage of the imperative data reported during a session," said Henri Johnson, Inventor and CEO of FlightScope. "The MyFlightScope.com interface is a great way for players and coaches to review their game analysis and session reports. 27 data parameters are available to give a complete picture of ball and swing performance."

More than one billion total yards and four million shots have been taken on FlightScope applications and reported to the platform while tracking ball flight, club and swing performance. Performance is tracked with specific parameters such as ball speed, launch angles, smash factor, dynamic loft, angle of attack, club path and more to help players better understand and hone in on areas needing improvement. Players can also create custom Skills challenges that allow them to challenge friends and earn a spot at the top of the leaderboards.

"Besides being able to compare their statistics to other FlightScope users or friends, we knew it was important for players to be able to see how they stack up against PGA Tour players," continued Johnson. "MyFlightScope.com seamlessly connects with the Skills Combines to give users the ability to make comparisons between PGA averages and themselves."

To learn more about or register for the platform visit, MyFlightScope.com.

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