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Screencap from a FlightScope golf launch monitor showing its shot plot feature.

FlightScope® Becomes Permanent Fixture on Golf Course at Angus Glen in Toronto; Golfers Reaping the Benefits

28 June 2010

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FlightScope® Golf Ball Launch Monitor Measuring the Swing of Thousands While They Play; and Then Used for Swing Analysis
ORLANDO, FL (June 29, 2010) – For years, golf instructors have analyzed golf swings with a keen eye, and the assistance of hi-speed cameras. But to get the most accurate analysis of what a golfer is really doing in his swing, golf instructors are turning to FlightScope® Launch Monitors – Offered in two models (the Kudu; and the world’s first-ever wireless launch monitor – the Prime), FlightScope® provides instantaneous data that the competition severely lacks in. With a FlightScope® golf instructors can accurately read: – Club path – Ball flight/trajectory – ball grouping – swing speed – ball speed

Screencap promoting the FlightScope golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker's driver optimizer.

Club Fitters and Golf Instructors Find FlightScope® Data Most Beneficial in Fittings AND Lessons

06 June 2010

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Instructors and Club Fitters Discover FlightScope® to be an Essential Tool in Improving the Golf Swing and Proper Club Fittings
ORLANDO, FL (June 7, 2010) – Golf Instructors, Club Fitters, and Coaches from across the U.S. are reporting that the FlightScope® ( Golf Launch Monitor – the Kudu and Prime – is exceeding all expectations, and has actually provided more benefits for students and golfers than they had originally hoped.

Photo showing one of FlightScope's legacy products, the FlightScope Prime.

FlightScope® Prime Featuring Wireless Technology Increases Revenue

01 June 2010

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Golf Instructor Attributes Increased Revenue to Adding FlightScope® Prime to His Repertoire
ORLANDO, FL (June 2, 2010) – At the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show FlightScope® introduced the world’s first-ever wireless golf launch monitor, the FlightScope® Prime. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, the FlightScope® Prime was designed with some of the following in mind: – Portability – To allow golfers to analyze their swing in “REAL” conditions from every lie imaginable – Ease of Use