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FlightScope Named Best New Product at PGA 2010 Fall Expo

23 August 2010

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The FlightScope® Prime Wireless Launch Monitor for Golf Wins Rave Reviews
ORLANDO, FL (August 23, 2010) — FlightScope® which recently introduced the first-ever wireless 3D Doppler Tracking Device for Golf, the FlightScope® Prime, was named Best New Product at the PGA 2010 Fall Expo in Las Vegas.


FlightScope® Setting a NEW Standard for Indoor Launch Monitors

10 August 2010

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3D Doppler Tracking Radar for Golf Introduces Smaller Footprint for Indoor Measurements
ORLANDO, FL (August 11, 2010) – FlightScope® continues to set the standard for all golf launch monitors. FlightScope® ( the world’s first-ever 3D Doppler Tracking Radar for Golf, has minimized the basic foot print needed in order to accurately measure ball flight in an indoor setting.


FlightScope® Tech Support Delivers on Quality and Promises

03 August 2010

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FlightScope®Technical Support Gets A+ Reviews
ORLANDO, FL (August 4, 2010) — FlightScope® customers needing help with their FlightScope® Kudu Launch Monitors and FlightScope® Prime Wireless Launch Monitors for golf are singing praises for the technical support team.