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PGA Professional John Graham tries out and reviews the FlightScope X2 Golf Launch Monitor.

John Graham Reviews the new FlightScope X2 Golf Launch Monitor

02 February 2011

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In this post John looks specifically at the FlightScope X2’s Angle of Attack. “…I have been quite critical about the FlightScope machines and there ability to accurately measure the club delivery data.  Specifically, there ability to measure the club heads Angle of Attack into the ball for an iron shot.  This information is critical for…

Product photo showing the front and side panels of the FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor.

Michael Jacobs has a look at the new X2 Golf Launch Monitor

01 February 2011

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Many new features are involved with the X2, I had the opportunity to meet with FlightScope’s CEO and discuss the new machine several months back. I will be the first to have the new machine and cannot wait to employ it into my teaching. From the sounds of the new system, it should be the…