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Club Fitter of the Year Bob VanSweden who uses FlightScope golf launch monitors for club fitting.

Club Fitter of the year

14 July 2011

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VanSweden utilizes the TaylorMade MAT-T system for putting, as well as a new FlightScope fitting system he purchased after last winning Fitter of the Year. The FlightScope is the latest in technology allowing for full-flight, radar-based club fitting. In addition to club fitting, VanSweden also performs custom club repairs. Follow the story here


A Look at Loft

08 July 2011

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Welcome to a new era in golf shot analysis! Modern technology and 3D doppler radar has allowed a new description of ball flight behavior.  We are going to take a look at 3 different types of loft on a golf club: Natural Loft, Delivered Loft and Dynamic Loft. To read the full article please click the red pdf button…

Photo of data from a FlightScope golf launch monitor being displayed on an iPad.

David Nel’s Video demo of the FlightScope X2 Ball Tracking Radar

08 July 2011

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In this video David gives a thorough demonstration of the FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor’s capabilities. He talks about how it can be used as a training aid and shows the user-friendly results provided by the ball tracking radar.

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