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Photo of Richard Conragan explaining why FlightScope golf launch monitors are the best.

Richard Conragan Describes why he thinks FlightScope is the Best Golf Launch Monitor

31 October 2011

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In the video he talks about custom club fitting, smash factor and why FlightScope is such a valuable tool for Club Fitters.

Photo of the Stevinson Learning Center which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor for club fitting and golf coaching.

Stevinson’s new learning center brings best of both worlds

28 October 2011

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The new state of the art golf academy uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor as a training aid and primarily solar power. As golf lessons go, it’s 21st-century stuff.

Product photo showing a FlightScope golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker from the X series.

FlightScope X Series, 3D Doppler Radars for Club Fitting and Teaching

27 October 2011

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This year FlightScope introduced its X series, a range of 3D Doppler tracking radars that can be used in club fitting, teaching and practice. FlightScope will have three models on offer: X1, X2 Basic and X2 Complete. All three models will track the ball from launch to landing and measure spin directly. The following data parameters get published on the ball and its trajectory.

Photo promoting FlightScope's Golf Teaching and Club Fitting convention.

Successful Conclusion to FlightScope Science of Golf Convention

22 October 2011

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FlightScope successfully concluded its first ever Science of Golf Teaching and Club Fitting convention hosted by the prestigious Laurel Links Country Club in Long Island, New York.

Photo from the PGA Merchandise Show where FlightScope golf launch monitors / golf ball trackers were exhibited.

FlightScope with E6 Software at the PGA Fall Merchandise Show

20 October 2011

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In this video David Nel demonstrates the integration of the FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor and the E6 software.

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