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Logo of Markham Golf Dome which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor as a teaching aid.

Markham Golf Dome uses FlightScope golf launch monitor

31 December 2011

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Mike Lefevre, Canadian PGA class A professional, uses a FlightScope at the Markham Golf Dome in Ontario, Canada. It has been voted as one of the top 100 best practice facilities in North America.

Illustration promoting Golf Discount of St. Louis which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor for club fitting.

Golf Discount of St. Louis uses a FlightScope X2

30 December 2011

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The FlightScope X2 Golf Launch Monitor along with Golf Discount’s master club fitters combine to ensure the golfer the most accurate club fitting possible.

Logo of Trafford Golf Centre which uses a FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker at their facility.

New FlightScope at Trafford Golf centre

26 December 2011

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Trafford Golf centre, in Manchester, is using a FlightScope Golf launch monitor at their facility. They have 57 driving bays and four state-of-the-art teaching bays.

Poster for Tony Wright's Game Improvement Golf which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor for club fitting.

Game Improvement Golf uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor

24 December 2011

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Today I was finishing building a set of irons for a client. This comes after spending some time last week putting my new FlightScope X1 Launch Monitor through its initial testing. There is no question the FlightScope will provide WAY more information for fitting that I had available in the past. But it struck me today that getting this data and finding the right specs for a set of clubs is maybe only 50% of the total package. To get Great Results for clients, you need to be able to produce the clubs that you identify are best for players – Tony Wright

Logo of Compression Board which uses a FlightScope X2 launch monitor to teach the fundamentals of golf.

3 Keys to Success

22 December 2011

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Alf Callowhill describes the three fundamentals of golf to be: Hitting the ball first, controlling the curve and having enough distance to play the course. In his article he describes how he used FlightScope to work on these fundamentals.

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