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I want a FlightScope

29 February 2012

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I had a golf lesson on Saturday with my usual pro and the assistance of a FlightScope X2. I don’t know that I would want to have a lesson without it now that I’ve seen what it can do.
A golf shot’s outcome, it should be obvious, is determined by the fraction of a second that the club face and the ball are in contact with each other. FlightScope (and other Doppler radar systems) can tell you what happened at impact and thereafter in unprecedented detail.

Frank Viola talks about his experience with a FlightScope golf launch monitor

28 February 2012

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In my opinion, credibility, honesty, integrity and trust are extremely important measurements of business that we pride ourselves on, here at the Ace of Clubs. In our business dealings, we look for those very same attributes with the companies we do business with.


McSweeney Golf tuition & fitting experts uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor

26 February 2012

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They use their launch monitor for instruction, swing analysis and club fitting. Situated in Castletroy, Ireland their state of the art facilities are perfect if you need golf lessons or a tailored set of clubs.

Compression Board and Angle of Attack

25 February 2012

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Compression board recently used a FlightScope golf launch monitor to show how effective it is to help improve your iron shots.

Your Driver Needs More Loft! – Golf Driver Tip with Matt Diederichs

24 February 2012

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In this video Matt Diederichs uses FlightScope’s online trajectory opimizer to clarify his opinion on the effect loft has on a drive.

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