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FlightScope golf launch monitor being used to test a True Aim product

15 February 2012

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In this video Joe Leahy and Dennis Sales determine the difference True Aim makes to your shot using a FlightScope X2.

Photo of Golf Discount of St. Louis which allow users to test FlightScope golf launch monitor units.

FlightScope Review at Golf Discount of St. Louis

14 February 2012

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A review of the FlightScope golf luanch monitor system being used at Golf Discount as a teaching aid, club fitting tool and a ball fitiing tool.


Enhance your group program, at Pebble Beach Golf Academy, with FlightScope

13 February 2012

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Pebble Beach Golf Academy proudly utilizes FlightScope’s X-Series 3D club and ball tracking equipment. FlightScope golf launch monitors provide insight into club head speed, club path, vertical and horizontal swing plane, carry distance, total distance, shot height, flight time, ball spin and more.

Photo of the The Butch Harmon Floridian which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor for club fitting.

The Butch Harmon Floridian uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor

08 February 2012

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It features a Titleist fitting experience, including a FlightScope X2, designed for the best players in the world and available to members and guests.


Henri Johnson, FlightScope’s CEO, interviews Sandra Gal

06 February 2012

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Henri Johnson talks to Sandra Gal about how she uses her X2 golf launch monitor in her practise sessions and the different manners it has helped her.

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