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Photo of Steve Wilson trying out a FlightScope launch monitor's electronic golf ball tracking capabilities.

Getting back in the swing

06 February 2012

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Plane Truth coach Kevin Flynn put my swing through its paces in the swing studio with some help from FlightScope – a golf launch monitor to analyse the swing of an erratic 14 handicapper.


Dana Rader Golf School has a FlightScope X2

05 February 2012

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The golf school has been selected to Golf Magazine’s prestigious list of the Top 25 Golf Schools in America! Situated in Charlotte, North Carolina, the school uses their golf launch monitor as a club fitting tool and a training aid.

Logo of Fox Hills Learning Center which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor for golf coaching.

Fox Hills Learning Center has a new golf launch monitor

04 February 2012

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A new FlightScope will be present during lessons and available for training throughout the season. FlightScope is a 3D doppler ball tracking device. The X2 is the next generation 3D club and ball tracking radar that allows you to measure and see swing, club and ball data on your smart phone or tablet. The X2 is the world’s most accurate and portable golf launch monitor. Individual sessions $150/hr, training available at $75.

Photo of Stevinson Ranch Golf Course which uses FlightScope launch monitors for club fitting and golf coaching.

Stevinson Ranch performance learning center has a FlightScope golf launch monitor

03 February 2012

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Stevinson Ranch Golf Course has a state of the art learning center, for all levels of play, featuring two of the Valley’s premier teaching pros, Dave Harmon and Larry Mathews.Stevinson offers “stay and learn” cottage packages, clinics, and personalized instructional packages tailored to meet specific goals. The academy offers three indoor to outdoor hitting bays, multiple video cameras and monitors, launch monitors, FlightScope technology, swing analysis, club fitting and two-hour clinics for small groups.

Logo of Compression Board which uses a FlightScope X2 launch monitor / golf ball tracker to gain more distance.

FlightScope Trajectory Optimizer! (Hit it Farther)

02 February 2012

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Everyone wants to hit it farther…hopefully the Compression Board is helping you do that with your irons – making better contact with a descending strike on the golf ball. But what about your Driver? How do you plan on getting more distance?
If you want a better understanding of what will make the most difference in longer drives, check out the FlightScope Trajectory Optimizer:
Click HERE to View it.
Here’s what I get out of the tutorial video:
1) Focus on hitting the Center of Club more often
2) Learn to create Speed
3) Learn how to control your golf ball
If you need help with any of the above, shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to help you learn. The FlightScope X2 has been an incredible tool in helping golfers get more accurate feedback. I never leave home without it.
Play Well…
by ALF CALLOWHILL on 30. JAN, 2012

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