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A summary, by the host, of the FlightScope convention

28 September 2012

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In this article Michael Jacobs gives an overview of the events at this year’s FlightScope convention.

FlightScope is here! The Ultimate in Custom Fitting

27 September 2012

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RJ proshop, situated on the island of Jersey, are pleased to announce the arrival of the FlightScope X2 launch monitor. FlightScope is arguably the World’s most accurate and portable launch monitor and we now have it! It has completely transformed the way we custom fit clubs for our clients. It is much more accurate and provides a vast amount of data compared to our previous launch monitor and displays it in an easy to view and understand display.

Colsaerts chills out In Spain & now ready for the thrill of his life in the States

26 September 2012

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Nicolas Colsaerts talks about how he is busy using his FlightScope golf launch monitor to prepare for his debut Ryder Cup appearance. He uses his FlightScope to determine the exact yardages of each of his clubs.

Expert Golf AZ uses a FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor

21 September 2012

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With multiple locations in Phoenix, Expert Golf AZ prides itself in the ability to provide all the tools and programs necessary to improve your golf game.

Do adjustable drivers really work?

19 September 2012

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In this article Golf Today tests adjustable drivers with a FlightScope golf launch monitor to see if they really work.

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