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FlightScope Academy

29 March 2013

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The FlightScope Academy has been established to provide a forum to educate our FlightScope customers and golf professionals around the country in the usage and benefits of FlightScope technology in teaching and fitting. We hope to provide the attendees the knowledge they need to hone their skills and provide an added value to their students and the game of golf.

Course Owner

28 March 2013

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At this years convention we heard a lot about growing your business through technology, but what exactly does that mean, and what technology can actually help you? Yes you can use better IT solutions to help stream line your operations and build a better website to attract customers, but what about truly building a Customer Relations Management Program that will give you added value, have your customer spend more money, and have a loyal customer for as long as your in business? All that can be achieved and more through technology that is truly measurable and makes a difference in your customers golf game.

FlightScope Launches App with Integrated Video and Launch Monitor Data

19 March 2013

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FlightScope, maker of the world’s first 3D Doppler radar for golf introduced yet another world first, its latest and most innovative app yet, VX2, featuring split screen video analysis with 3D club data or ball flight trajectory for comparison on any compatible tablet with a built in camera.