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Photo of World Long Drive Champion and FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker Joe Miller.

Joe Miller on Drive Spin vs Wedge Spin

30 April 2015

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Joe Miller, former ReMax World Long Drive Champion, and his coach Lee Cox explain the difference between driver spin and wedge spin. For a driver, high launch angle and low spin rate will optimize ball flight but on a wedge low launch angle and high spin rate is optimal. Watch as Miller and Cox give…

Photo of Michael Wheeler who is using a FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker to test a golf myth.

Golf Myth Buster Episode 4

21 April 2015

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Michael Wheeler, Director of Instruction at Bellewood Golf and Country Club in Pennsylvania, addresses the myth of side spin on a golf ball. Michael busts this myth, with data from his FlightScope X2 launch monitor, to prove that a ball cannot spin backwards and sideways at the same time. Instead, what appears to be the…

Product photo of the Xi Tour launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

FlightScope Introduces Xi Tour, Its Smallest, Most Versatile Launch Monitor

14 April 2015

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Golf technology company reveals newest addition to suite of 3D Doppler tracking radars ORLANDO, Fla. – April 14, 2015 – FlightScope®, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of 3D Doppler tracking radars and launch monitors for golf and other sports, today announces the availability of its Xi Tour model. The Xi Tour is the most…

FlightScope customer, Peter Finch, documenting his travel to pick up his new FlightScope X2 launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

Body Control Leads to Tempo Control

13 April 2015

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Peter Finch explains how to gain more power in your golf swing by controlling the rotation of your body. Controlling the rotation of the body during a golf swing leads to better control of your swing tempo which can help you gain yardage. Peter uses his FlightScope X2 launch monitor to show how he gains…

Logo of TaylorMade which uses FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker to track their players' game data.

Dustin Johnson Uses the Xi Tour in Latest TaylorMade Commercial

08 April 2015

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TaylorMade recently produced a commercial to promote their fastest driver ever, the AeroBurner. The commercial features TaylorMade’s longest PGA Tour driver, Dustin Johnson. The FlightScope Xi Tour was on set to capture Dustin Johnson’s data after swinging  as fast as he could. Watch the commercial to see how fast he swung.