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Larry Rinker talks about how he combines Flightscope launch monitors with the Focus Band to prepare students for a favorable shot.

PGA Tour Golfer Larry Rinker on using FlightScope as Director of Instruction

31 May 2016

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Larry Rinker is the Director of Instruction at both The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando and at Red Sky Golf Academy in Colorado. With over 30 years of professional playing and teaching, Larry uses FlightScope for the unparalleled accuracy it provides. As he explains, FlightScope combined with FocusBand helps him and his students get mentally…

Logo of Rotary Swing, the trainers of which will now be using FlightScope's X2 Elite and BodiTrak Tour pressure mat as part of a partnership.

FlightScope Announces Partnership With RotarySwing

26 May 2016

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Leader in ball tracking and radar technology to collaborate with top educational golf site to enhance instructional videos ORLANDO, Fla. – May 26, 2016 – FlightScope, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of launch monitors and radars for golf, today announces its partnership with RotarySwing. As a result of the partnership, FlightScope’s X2…

Photo showing a veteran using the Flightscope's virtual golf simulator at the Fairways for Warriors Training and Life Center.

Giving Back to Veterans with Fairways for Warriors

24 May 2016

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This past weekend, FlightScope attended the grand opening of the 6,700 square foot Fairways for Warriors Training and Life Center (TLC) in Kissimmee, FL. Equipped with two FlightScope X2 launch monitors and a chipping and putting area, Fairways for Warriors TLC is designed to help wounded veterans heal in a supportive environment. “We are very…

Chris Tyler demonstrates how to use Flightscope launch monitors to prevent early extension in golf swings.

Controlling your Swing Path with RotarySwing

23 May 2016

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RotarySwing Tour Director of Certification, Chris Tyler, shows golfers how to prevent early extension in their golf swing by examining the cause and effect of this fault. As Chris explains, the key to maximizing control is to keep hips back and chest over the golf ball. By using FlightScope data to reinforce the recommended drills…

Photo demonstrating how data from Flightscope's launch monitors can be combined with FocusBand data to improve game results.

WJXT Features Improving Mental Game with FlightScope and FocusBand

17 May 2016

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Brian Jackson from WJXT interviewed Alex Trujillo, FlightScope USA Sales and Support Manager, on the exclusive integration between FlightScope and FocusBand. FocusBand allows golfers to compare their mental state from setup through impact side-by-side with FlightScope data. Using real time audio-visual neurofeedback, it uses three woven sensors to measure brain-wave frequencies as they perform various…

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