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Photo showing how the University of Southern California uses FlightScope launch monitors for veteran research

University of Southern California uses FlightScope for Veteran Research

20 September 2016

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University of Southern California’s (USC) Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy is using FlightScope in the Golf Intervention for Veterans Exercise (GIVE) study. The Institute for Senior Golf Science, one of many USC research laboratories, seeks to develop unique, safe and effective golf training programs for veterans. During the study, researchers use FlightScope data at…

Todd Kolb demonstrating how Flightscope launch monitors can be used to conduct golf drills

U.S. Golf TV – Golf Drills Using FlightScope

19 September 2016

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In another segment of Teaching with Technology, Todd Kolb explains how drills can help golfers focus on key skills when they’re practicing on the driving range. By using FlightScope data to reinforce the recommended drills and swing technique, he demonstrates how using technology during lessons gives both the player and coach an advantage.

FlightScope VX App Video Comparison

14 September 2016

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Last week we conducted a Facebook Live session and covered the FlightScope VX app video comparison. The VX app video comparison feature gives the teacher/fitter an additional arrow in their quiver. The FlightScope user now has the capability of replaying the swing in slow motion, comparing the video to the shot data, comparing the video…

Photo showing Bryson DeChambeau winning his first Pro event with a Flightscope launch monitor in the background

Congratulations to FlightScope User Bryson DeChambeau on Winning his First Pro Event

13 September 2016

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Congratulations to Bryson DeChambeau for winning the DAP Championship and earning his 2016-17 PGA Tour card! Bryson has been a long time user of FlightScope and was first introduced to the technology by his coach Mike Schy of the Mike Schy Golf Performance Institute. The FlightScope team is privileged enough to be given the opportunity…

Logo of The Golf Spotlight where Alex Trujillo shared how a FlightScope launch monitor can help improve games

Golf Spotlight on FlightScope

09 September 2016

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Golf Spolight gives golfers the most up-to-date information on the latest products, apparel and acessories in the industry. Watch as USA Sales Manager Alex Trujillo shares how a FlightScope launch monitor can help you improve your performance on the course.

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