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Fred Griffin talks about how to use Flightscope launch monitors for club fitting and golf ball tracking

3 Ways to Use FlightScope by Fred Griffin

17 November 2016

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Fred Griffin talks about the three reasons why he uses his FlightScope launch monitor every day. Fred is located at the award winning Grand Cypress Academy of Golf in Orlando, FL and has been recognized by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 100 Teachers in America.

FlightScope Data Parameters

16 November 2016

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With FlightScope, as with all launch monitors for golf, it’s all about the data! Last week we discussed some of the data parameters using the FlightScope VX application during our Facebook Live session. The parameters discussed were ball speed, club head speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, and horizontal launch angle. These data parameters are…

Frequently Asked Questions

10 November 2016

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Last week FlightScope conducted a Facebook Live session to inform the audience about the frequently asked questions that we receive on a daily basis. These questions were gathered from our current customer base, sales consultants, and others within the golf industry. Please visit our FAQ page on the FlightScope website for answers to the questions…

FlightScope user Bryson DeChambeau explains how he uses Flightscope launch monitors with JumboMax Golf Grips to improve his game

Bryson DeChambeau Talks JumboMax Golf Grips & FlightScope

08 November 2016

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FlightScope user Bryson DeChambeau talks about how JumboMax Golf Grips have helped him advance in his golf career by allowing him to hit the ball farther and straighter with increased control. With the combination of JumboMax Grips and FlightScope, Bryson says that “FlightScope has helped him [me] perform at his [my] highest level.”

Off-Center Hits and Ball Flight

03 November 2016

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What is the hardest part of playing golf? Many would say hitting the center of the club face. I definitely agree. Not only is hitting the center of the face important, but even more important is hitting the center of gravity on the club. The angular difference between Club Face and Club Path plays a…

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