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Photo of Azalea House, a hospitality facility that uses Flightscope launch monitors for virtual golf competitions

The Azalea House Using FlightScope Technology for Virtual Golf Competitions During 2017 Masters

31 March 2017

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The Azalea House is one of the premier, off-course hospitality facilities patrons visit during Masters week. Just one block off Washington Road, the Azalea House provides patrons access to a premium open bar, chef’s catered buffet all day and an open fire grill in the evenings, along with all your transportation needs. All week long,…

Photo of Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf, another facility that uses Flightscope launch monitors

FlightScope & Jack Nicklaus Academies of Golf

24 March 2017

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For more than 25 years, the Nicklaus Academies have been using a comprehensive program that involves “intensive, hands-on instruction” combined with the latest golf technologies. Using the playing philosophy of Jack Nicklaus, who is considered to be the greatest player of all time, the Nicklaus Academies are respected worldwide for their prestigious instruction program. With…

The Par 3 Test: Tee or no tee?

20 March 2017

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SHOULD YOU TEE UP YOUR IRON ON A PAR 3? Years ago I decided to stop teeing up my ball on par 3s with my irons because I felt that it gave me a better chance at hitting an accurate shot. Whether or not it was actually true, I believed that when I teed the…

Photo comparing golf ball tracking data when balls are teed up and when they are not

Practical Golf: The Par 3 Test

16 March 2017

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Jon Sherman, owner of Practical Golf, recently conducted an experiment with FlightScope to see if teeing up the ball on par threes with irons really made a difference. Most golfers believe teeing up the ball will help to lower their scores, but Jon found that hitting the ball of the ground on a par three…

Video tutorial featuring Chris Tyler demonstrating how to use Flightscope launch monitors to add speed to golf swings

Adding Speed to Your Golf Swing

13 March 2017

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Chris Tyler from Rotary Swing gives tips on how to get more speed by transferring more weight during a swing. Using the X2 Elite and BodiTrak, Chris is able to validate the changes he makes to his swing and demonstrate how those changes impact his numbers. As he explains, the fault that damages speed and…