Xi+ v1.4.17

19 October 2015

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Updates: Improved support for Xi product range Improved data display for Xi+ and, Xi Tour in 2D club analysis screens Fixed publishing bug Added Slow Swing Speed Mode Added Face To Target and Face To Path switcher in Settings Added restore from backup

Xi+ v1.4.0

27 July 2015

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Updates: Backup and restore now available in Advanced Settings 64-bit support for Apple devices Default golf bag will only be added if user does not have an existing bag Improved radar leveling statuses and alert messages Driver Optimizer improvements Synchronization improvements with MyFlightScope.com

Xi+ v1.3.0

09 June 2015

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Updates: iOS8 updates Improved start-up Firmware download updates Improved synchronization New 2D club images for NIKE clubs Club order updates Supports X2 Elite radar X2 Elite camera target view Keyboard updates New roll calculations New QR code scanning Scientific units changed to hybrid Improved golf bag functionality

Xi+ v1.0.0

16 August 2014

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FlightScope Xi+ is the latest club fitting app for the new wireless FlightScope Xi+ tracking radar for golf. FlightScope Xi+ offers club fitters with a wealth of information that ensures their customers a unique and professional club fitting experience. Highlights include: Sensor Alignment with mobile device camera Track Real-Time Measured Club and Ball Data 13…

FlightScope Optimizer

06 August 2014

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A video demonstration of the Driver Optimizer feature available in our Xi+, VX2 and PC software. The Driver Optimizer is designed to maximize the distance on driver shots. Through manipulating smash factor, vertical launch and backspin numbers the user is able to see which changes will have the most impact. This makes it a great…

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