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Ace of Clubs Frank Viola talks about his experience with a FlightScope golf launch monitor.

Frank Viola talks about his experience with a FlightScope golf launch monitor

28 February 2012

In my opinion, credibility, honesty, integrity and trust are extremely important measurements of business that we pride ourselves on, here at the Ace of Clubs.  In our business dealings, we look for those very same attributes with the companies we do business with.  We are now entering our 5th. Full season using exclusively, FlightScope® products for all of our fitting needs and couldn’t be happier.  

From Ownership and on down, the Men & Women at FlightScope® exude the type of professionalism that we use as a measuring stick, in all of our other business relationships. As for their product, we just recently upgraded to the new X2 Complete model and are thrilled with its performance, costing much less than some of its higher-priced competition.  

The data that we obtain is crucial that it be correct, fairly easy to interpret and of utmost importance, our customers feel that very information is validated by what they see on our indoor flight monitor or out of doors, by seeing and experiencing their very own extended ball flight.  I would personally like to thank Madelein and Henri for the time they spent with me and many other members of the International Clubmakers Guild at the 2012 PGA Show in Orlando Florida.  Once again, their professionalism, the time they took to answer an abundance of questions, their mere passion and confidence in the product they manufacture and sell, were all deal-sealers for many of us who purchased FlightScope Launch Monitors that very same day...  With all of that said I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the folks at FlightScope®.