Patrick McGuire

Patrick McGuire's entrance to golf began under his college golf coach, the mid-Atlantic education chair Rick Miller. After a two-year apprenticeship under Rick, Patrick began his education, development and career in teaching and retail sales. Patrick was able to work with and under 5 top 100 instructors and for the second largest golf school in the country. In 2008, Patrick had a vision that was years ahead of his time, a vision for a golf academy comprised of a unified team of coaches with the most innovative technology available. He wanted an academy that taught more than just the full swing, but also short game, putting, course management, and so much more, all while using scientific data to make the students better. Nearly 10 years later, McGuire’s dream has become a reality as the Raspberry Golf Academy has become the premier destination for golf instruction in Northern Virginia and beyond. Having expanded from one studio at Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club in Leesburg, Va. to five locations in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania with a growing team of experts, the academy is booming and students are dropping strokes from their scores every day. McGuire has established a remarkable reputation worldwide, as he coaches professional golfers and elite amateurs around the globe. His most successful student is European Tour champion Paul Peterson, winner of the 2016 Czech Masters. In addition to coaching some of the best golfers in the world, McGuire also takes the time to properly train his staff every year in order to ensure the quality of the product.