FlightScope Strike

FlightScope Strike is the first multi-frequency 3D tracking radar for baseball and softball employing direct distance measurement to provide accurate positions, speeds, and angles of pitched and hit ball trajectories.

built-in camera

for automated and synchronized video capture

Battery Powered

rechargeable with up to 4 hours of battery life

Wi-Fi Hotspot

for wireless connectivity to multiple mobile devices

PC or Mobile

software and apps for PC and mobile for detailed data analysis

Flexible Mounting

tripod or fixed installation mounting brackets

complete metrics

Pitch Velocity
Spin Rate
Spin Axis
Spin Tilt
Zone Command
Release Extension
Pitch Trajectory
Exit Speed
Carry Distance
Launch Angle
Batted Ball Direction
Zone Performance
Location Trends
Spray Chart
Ball Flight Trajectory
pop time
Pop Time
Handover Time
Flight Trajectory

Detailed analysis

Optimize your performance and view detailed hit and pitch analysis in the form of 3D trajectories, tables, and strike zone mapping.

Wireless connection to your PC or mobile device for instant feedback and analysis.

Additional features:

  • Video capture and analysis
  • Adjustable strike zone
  • Dynamic zone mapping
  • Data filtering
  • Camera-based alignment and calibration
FS Strike iPad Screens