1. What is included in a Strike purchase? 
    • Strike Unit
    • Portable Windows PC
    • Leica Measuring Device
    • Rollercase
    • External Battery
    • Tripod

    2. Is the Strike covered by a warranty?
    • Yes - all units are covered by a 12 month limited hardware warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship.


    1. What data points does the Strike display?

    For Pitching:
    • Pitch Speed
    • V-H Pitch Launch Angles
    • Spin Rate
    • Pitch Spin Axis
    • Pitch Spin Tilt
    • Release Height
    • Release Side
    • Extension
    • Pitch Strike Zone Height
    • Pitch Strike Zone Offset
    • Approach Speed
    • V-H Approach Angles
    • Pitch Time
    • V-H Break & Movement

    For Hitting:
    • Exit Velocity
    • Vertical Launch Angle
    • Batted Ball Direction
    • Distance
    • Flight Time
    • Height

    2. Do metal bats cause any discrepancies in the data?
    • No.

    Mobile Devices & Applications

      1. What mobile devices are compatible with the Strike?
      • A listener version of the Baseball Host is compatible with iPad Pro; iPad Mini 2, 3, & 4; iPad Air & Air 2; iPad 3rd & 4th generation; with operating system iOS 7.0 or higher.

    Usage and Setup

      1. Can the Strike be used in-game?
      • Yes.
      2. Can the Strike be used indoors?
      • Yes.
      3. How far back can the Strike go from home plate?
      • 60 ft.
      4. How close can the Strike be to home plate?
      • 10 ft.
      5. Do low ceiling lights affect the Strike?
      • No.
      6. How high does the Strike have to be?
      • For every three feet back, the Strike must be one foot up. Ex: If you are 30ft back, the Strike goes 10ft up. All measurements are taken from the tip of home plate.
      7. Can I travel with the Strike?
      • Yes. The rollercase is carry-on size and has a TSA Safety Lock.
      8. Can I setup the Strike behind metal fencing?
      • No.

    Hardware and Components

      1. What are the max/min temperatures the Strike can be in?
      • Max: 122F/50C Min: 32F/0C
      2. Is the Strike waterproof?
      • Yes.
      3. What are the dimensions of the Strike?
      • 13 ½ x 11 ½ x 5 ½ Inches (wide x high x deep), 14lbs
      4. How long does the portable battery last?
      • Up to 4 hrs