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CBS Sports HQ interview with Henri Johnson, CEO of FlightScope

7 February 2023

Joe Muso and Kyle Porter from CBS Sports HQ recently interviewed Henri Johnson, FlightScope's Founder and CEO.

The interview took place at the 2023 PGA Show where FlightScope released a number of software and hardware features for their range of golf launch monitors.

Face Impact Location was released for the Mevo+ and the X3 units. It provides the user an extremely accurate location of where the ball hit the face of the club. The information it provides is invaluable for club fitters, coaches, professional golfers and amateurs alike. Knowing where you hit the ball on the face of the club provides a lot of insight into a golf shot.

The second big release for Mevo+ and the X3 is the artificial reality functionality. Once a shot has been measured by the golf launch monitor, the trajectory stays in place. Through the view of a tablet or phone, it is then possible to move around or even through the trajectory. It is visually very stimulating and a fun new way to look at your shot and club data.

Henri also spoke about the release of the Mevo+ 2023 model. It has an improved kickstand and the battery will now last up to 3 hours.

For a demo video on the above mentioned functionality, please click on the button below.

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