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The FlightScope Academy has been established to provide a forum to educate our FlightScope customers and golf professionals around the country in the usage and benefits of FlightScope technology in teaching and fitting. We hope to provide the attendees the knowledge they need to hone their skills and provide an added value to their students and the game of golf. The FlightScope Academy will also be a stepping stone in an ongoing commitment from FlightScope to provide avenues of constant improvement and mastery through technology.

What attendees will learn:

  • FlightScope Fundamentals & How the Radar Operates
  • FlightScope Software Navigation
  • Teaching with FlightScope
  • Club Fitting with FlightScope
  • How to Generate Revenue using FlightScope
  • FocusBand, mental training integration
  • & much more!
FlightScope Academies will be held at various locations throughout the year to give multiple opportunities for our customers to become certified. Please check our schedule to find an upcoming academy near you.

Levels of Certification:

I. FlightScope Certified Operator
Distinction: FlightScope Certified Operators demonstrate that they know the basic operation of the FlightScope unit and have full comprehension of how to interpret and use the data. Requirements:
  • Complete an application training session with a FlightScope specialist
  • Pass the online Operator certification exam
II. FlightScope Certified Professional
Distinction: FlightScope Certified Professionals are recognized as experts and exhibit a higher level of knowledge and skills to proficiently use FlightScope technology in their teaching and fitting practices. Requirements:
  • Operator Certification encouraged but not required
  • Attend a FlightScope Professional level Academy session
  • Pass the online Professional certification exam
III. FlightScope Certified Master (Coming Soon)
Distinction: FlightScope Certified Masters exhibit the highest level of understanding and application of the FlightScope technology. FlightScope Masters are leaders in the industry with extensive knowledge on using and applying FlightScope technology to make a significant improvement in their field and maintain the highest degree of excellence for themselves and their operations. Requirements:
  • Professional Certification required
  • More requirements coming soon
"When we are giving of our knowledge, we give inspiration and power to those around us."
Just recently I was inspired to put down this quote on paper. After playing golf with a friend who asked me, how are things going, with a point of concern. I replied, I am inspired more than at any point in my life. I truly believe that we are making a difference and creating a ripple effect within the industry. He replied, by selling launch monitors? I responded, it is not about selling launch monitors. By pursuing our passion we provide others with knowledge and this knowledge gives others the ability to make a difference. We are helping to create a difference in the way others can communicate and then pass on their knowledge. We are helping to sustain an industry that is struggling to hold onto its historic existence. There is an evolution occurring where upon teaching and fitting are becoming infused. With this infusion more immediate results can be appreciated, creating a ripple effect and generating growth within the game. This conversation was a springboard for how we see ourselves as a company. It inspired us to take a look at what we truly want to accomplish. It is not just about selling launch monitors; it is about providing information that can make people better at something they truly enjoy. Whether you are the teacher, the fitter, or the student trying to improve, what better way to communicate through knowledge. For so long people have been struggling to communicate mystical methods on how to improve. We have found a purpose through science, by providing the data people need so they can truly quantify results. By divulging the truth and being passionate about what we believe is the truth, we hope to inspire others to make a difference. This truth through science has energized us to create our FlightScope Academies. We hope through this medium we can inspire and make our passion infectious. We have assembled a group that has knowledge, passion, and a desire to truly help others. We can only hope that the sincerity and passion in which we embark on this journey truly ripples through the industry and allows everyone to master their passion. Henri Johnson Inventor & CEO FlightScope