The FlightScope University Education Platform

FlightScope University provides a forum to educate FlightScope customers and golf professionals around the world in understanding and optimizing every aspect of teaching and club fitting by using FlightScope technology, mental techniques, fitness programs, nutrition plans, and more. Attendees will receive the knowledge they need to hone their skills and provide an added value to their students' game and the game of golf.

FlightScope University is a commitment from FlightScope to provide avenues of constant improvement and mastery through technology.


To help golf coaches and club fitters better understand the relationship between technology and performance, resulting in swift and sustainable performance improvements and enhanced enjoyment of the game.


To teach you how to use the FlightScope technology to identify the most effective path to improvement.
To learn how to efficiently and effectively evaluate what your student is doing.
To learn how to review and analyze the data for your students to apply.
To learn how to build programs and packages around the data.
To add value and profit to your system and programs.

Level I Professional

This certification level provides an understanding of advanced operations of technology and software, and fundamentals of mental, fitness, and performance coaching.

In order to receive your Level I Professional certification, you will need to complete 8 - 12 hours of online courses, pass a test, and attend a one-day workshop.

Level II Expert Professional

This Expert Professional certification level provides an advanced understanding of mental, fitness, and performance coaching, as well as applications of FlightScope data and basics in cause and effect while using the data.

A student reaching this level of education will have already passed Level I and completed an additional 8-10 hours of online courses, a 2-day live workshop, and passed tests.

Level III Master Professional

The Master Professional level of certification provides a subject matter for expert understanding of mental, fitness, and performance coaching, application of FlightScope data, and cause and effect while using the data.

A student reaching this level of certification will have already passed Levels I and II, completed 16 additional hours of online courses, and attended a 4-day workshop.

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