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FlightScope ambassador, Michael Jacobs summarizes the events at the FlightScope Convention.

A summary, by the host, of the FlightScope convention

28 September 2012

We just completed the 2nd Annual FlightScope Convention at the Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida. Once again I was happy to host the event and a great 2 days were had by all. Here is a recap of the events and some new exciting stuff from FlightScope.

Day 1 Speakers:
Henri Johnson CEO of FlightScope was 1st to speak - Henri covered how FlightScope measures and reports the club data. He spent most of his talk on the Angle of Attack and how the engineers verify the quality of the Angle of Attack numbers. We got to see the images and charts from the testing centers and how FlightScope engineers have gone about mastering the angle of attack measurement. The sensitivity of the measurement is extreme, the convention reported that with a 7 iron the Angle of Attack of the club changes 1.25 degrees every millisecond. So where and when the angle of attack is being reported can change the measurement significantly. Super high speed photography is used in a mapped out setting to video verify the data that the radar produces. 'We are satisfied to perfection with the radar and Angle of Attack' said Henri. As new technology emerges, Tracking Radar will stay in the forefront of accuracy as it tracks the whole story from beginning to end and not just a snap shot of a moment in time as some camera based systems do.

Henri went on to discuss the calculations of Club Face and Dynamic Loft. Henri shared a lot with the FlightScope users, he is a brilliant scientist and even better man. A role model for all of us!

Day 1 continued with Michael Jacobs - David Nel - Warren Mape - Mitchell Spearman - John Hamm - and Malcolm Mackenzie. David Nel discussed FlightScope screens and data, I discussed 3D Motion Capture of the body - force plate data - and its strong correlations to Club and Ball Data. Warren talked about Fittings and his time spent with Ping and fitting Lee Westwood. Malcolm discussed FlightScope in Europe, Mitchell talked about FlightScope and using it with his players and did a demonstration with a tour player. John Hamm, a brilliant speaker, talked about business trends and leadership and got the room all riled up. Classy guy and a heck of a speaker. Gave him an impromptu golf lesson on Sunday night and he got so excited about his new understanding of Pelvis Bend and Side Bend that he swung for an hour in his pajamas. {thought he was going to take a divot out of Henri's carpet}

Day 2 Speakers:
Fred Griffin - Bobby Van Sweden - and Henri Johnson

Fred talked about teaching at the Grand Cypress Academy and their use of FlightScope. Bobby Van Sweden gave a presentation on fitting and selling golf clubs with radar. Bobby is an interesting guy with a lot of spirit and tenacity for his business. Henri gave his 2nd day presentation on 2 new FlightScope Features.

Both features will be out in the next coming days: FlightScope Skills APP and Swing Trainer Mode

The Skills App is beautifully designed and geared to make practice and training fun. The App has awesome graphics and customizable templates for practice.

The Swing Trainer mode is a way to see your swings repeatability and test your PRACTICE SWING DATA vs YOUR BALL STRIKING DATA - this new mode is a winner.

At the end of Day 2 was the Golf Outing and then back to work. We will have a picture slide reel of the events and some data and presentations to share in the coming days.

Thanks for reading and the future is NOW!

Michael Jacobs