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Course Owner

28 March 2013
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Dear Golf Course Owners,

At this years convention we heard a lot about growing your business through technology, but what exactly does that mean, and what technology can actually help you? Yes you can use better IT solutions to help stream line your operations and build a better website to attract customers, but what about truly building a Customer Relations Management Program that will give you added value, have your customer spend more money, and have a loyal customer for as long as your in business? All that can be achieved and more through technology that is truly measurable and makes a difference in your customers golf game.

The big talk nowadays is about retaining the golfing population. How can we make the game more fun for them? As an avid golfer myself, what makes the game fun is simply playing better golf. I have played all over the world at some of the best golf courses in the world, but my most memorable rounds are at my local golf courses where I shot my lowest scores.

So why not invest in a technology that will directly connect your customers and your golf professionals and build an unbreakable bond of playing good golf.

FlightScope can offer you all the data needed to make your golf professional and facility a game changer for your customer. Our X2, 3D Doppler radar, launch monitor not only tracks the golf ball, but offers a wide range of information that can change a players game and position your facility as state of the art. You no longer need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Performance center, you have a fully wireless, easy to use, consumer friendly, state of the art fitting and teaching solution right at your finger tips.

You can offer a premium fitting solution with 3D visual on what their club is doing and how it’s affecting their game. Not only that, but we have created a platform for your facility to store that information on the web so you can collaborate with your customer on what exactly they need to accomplish to play better. Everyone wants to see their own golf swing, well now they can see it with all the relevant data that they need to make sense of what their instructor is telling them, and its all in one easy to find location.

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There are huge amounts of potential for green grass in the current economic state of the industry, as independent specialty stores continue to decrease and big box stores increase, the golf professional still has an influence in creating lasting loyal customers. We believe at FlightScope we can give you that advantage and help you build a solid business plan that can truly change your business.

Some real facts to consider:

• Provide a superior fitting experience with observable benefits to inspire brand loyalty and repeat visits…keep them coming back.

• Golfers who are custom fit typically spend 86% more than those who are not custom fit, and they make their equipment purchase decisions more quickly. As expected, these dynamics are strengthened as the quality of the fitting increases, with premium fittings producing more positive results than basic fittings.

• Those fit by a custom-fitting specialist spent 12% more than those fit by a salesperson and 86% more than those who were not fit at all.

Give us a call and let us truly help grow the game through technology.

All the best,
Henri Johnson
CEO and President

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