Video demonstrating how to set up the FlightScope Xi and FlightScope Xi + launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

Xi and Xi+ Setup

Basic setup video for Xi and Xi+ units.

FlightScope Advisory Board Member Stephen Aumock explaining how useful FlightScope launch monitors can be for golf lessons.

Numbers simplify the game – Stephen Aumock talks about FlightScope

The video was taken at the NTPGA teaching summit, where Stephen Aumock did a presentation and demo on the FlightScope golf launch monitor. He talks about how the measurements taken by his X2 simplified his teaching, its accuracy and the impact it had on his students.

Photo showing a digital driving range on the FlightScope launch monitor's complementary Skills app.

FlightScope Skills

FlightScope Skills on the Driving Range

Photo of Dan McLaughlin talking about how they use FlightScope launch monitors for club fitting.

The Dan Plan

Fit with FlightScope by The Dan Plan

Richard Conragan discusses the club analysis table in the FlightScope software.

Richard Conragan 4/4

Richard Conragan discusses the club analysis table in FlightScope software

Richard Conragan explains how a FlightScope launch monitor can help correct spin axis issues.

Richard Conragan 3/4

Richard Conragan explains spin axis in a golf swing

Richard Conragan explains how a FlightScope golf launch monitor can be used to determine launch angles.

Richard Conragan 2/4

Richard Conragan explains launch angles in a golf swing

3D animated video promoting the FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

3D Animation of X2

3D-animation of X2 (360° rotation video)

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