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Logo of SportTechie which interviewed FlightScope CEO Henri Johnson about FlightScope launch monitors.

Exclusive Interview with CEO Henri Johnson

7 January 2014

The list of athletic communities that match golf’s enthusiasm for tech is, at best, humble. The ability to motivate and engage the audience tied to those communities is the fuel for progress… and in this area, golf is supreme. The tech advances earning a place on the course are not, unlike other sports, limited strictly to the professional or the enthusiast. They tempt each and every golfer of passion to buy and they infiltrate and disrupt the game on every level it’s played.

It’s an evolution enjoyed by few, but more than a few of those success stories have become a reality via golf. FlightScope may be the latest.

Seeking a vulnerable and obvious opportunity – mobile documentation of intricate details of performance during a round of golf – FlightScope aims to provide a new tech-driven tool for progress for every golfer on the planet, wherever they might roam. Integrating the advancing applications of motion tracking with a powerful 3D-modeling engine, FlightScope is opening eyes and hopes of golfers all over the world.

We caught up with FlightScope CEO Henri Johnson to get the inside scoop on the tech and the golf revolution it’s leading.

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