Find a FlightScope

Add my Facility

The Find a FlightScope map shows all FlightScope customers throughout the world. If you are interested in testing a golf radar or want to find a teacher or fitter with a FlightScope launch monitor, simply input your zip code or city in the search box and facilities near you will be located.

The symbol next the facility name represents the highest level of certification a FlightScope user has achieved at the location. The certification levels can be found in the legend at the top of the map. You can filter the search results by clicking on the symbol of the level of certification in the legend that you do not want to see. For example, if you only want to see certified customers, click the Not Certified button to remove customers that have not gone through the certification program. Only customers that are Certified Professionals or Certified Masters will remain.

If you are a FlightScope customer but do not see your facility listed, please click on Add my Facility and fill out the form. Your facility will then be added within 48 hours.