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FlightScope Announces Partnership And Technology Integration With MySwing Golf

11 July 2016
Leader in ball tracking and radar technology collaborates with MySwing Golf, bringing body motion and ball flight together for "cause and effect"

ORLANDO, Fla. - July 11, 2016 - FlightScope, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of launch monitors and radars for golf, today announces its partnership with MySwing Golf, the premier company in golf motion capture technology.

As a result of the partnership, FlightScope customers are able to take advantage of a limited-time offer on mySwing Professional, the only wireless, full-body 3D motion capture tool that's portable, affordable, and can be used indoors and outdoors. FlightScope customers can receive four free months of mySwing Professional service, which is offered through a service plan for $199 per month.

"MySwing's body motion capture technology, coupled with FlightScope's tracking capabilities, provides golfers with comprehensive data and an understanding of their entire swing that has never been available before," said Henri Johnson, CEO of FlightScope. "Available through mySwing's software, the integration seamlessly combines 3D motion data with ball and club data to provide FlightScope users with an additional tool to analyze their golf swing."

MySwing Professional puts the power of biomechanics into the hands of every golf instructor, using lightweight sensors and adjustable straps, to quickly create a 3D avatar for physical screens and golf swings. With the integration of FlightScope's tracking technology in mySwing Professional software, players and instructors can capture radar data with swing data, allowing them to analyze and store students' progress.

"We are thrilled to partner with a prominent golf technology company such as FlightScope to enhance our product's capabilities," said Peter Gauthier, President of MySwing Golf. "The four free months of service gives the instructor two things. First, they'll get an opportunity to see how powerfully these two technologies work together, and second, they'll see how excited their students are to work with an instructor who uses these cutting-edge tools."


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Uproar PR for FlightScope

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