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Screencap showing the Combine feature of the FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker's complementary Skills app.

FlightScope Combines give the edge

9 July 2013

The FlightScope Combines have been designed to be the ultimate test of a golfer’s skill levels. There are three Combines a user can choose from, and each has a unique flavour and specific use.

The Quick Combine is a tool very similar to the old FlightScope app’s Driver, Iron, Wedge session, which is what a coach mostly uses when meeting and greeting his student for the first time. Three targets, 100 yards, 165 yards and a Fairway at 230 yards, five shots per target, just to give the coach a feel of how his student fares over three typical distances on the course.

The Complete Combine is the definitive assessment tool. Designed to test the golfer over distances ranging from a 20 yards chip shot, up to 240 yards, which is about 30 yards shorter than the shortest average driving distance of the PGA Tour Pros, this test was designed for players interested in comparing themselves with the best. Not even Tour pros should expect to make a perfect score, and the reason being, the Skills app gives a full score when a ball lands inside the black ring. For the Combines, these black circles have radii exactly at the PGA Tour average distance to pin, for the specific target distance. That means, the best in the world only land their shots inside that black dot half of the time! Hitting the target at all, therefore, should be seen as an accomplishment in it’s own right by most average players, even if it’s not near the green.

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