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FlightScope Data Parameters

16 November 2016
With FlightScope, as with all launch monitors for golf, it’s all about the data! Last week we discussed some of the data parameters using the FlightScope VX application during our Facebook Live session. The parameters discussed were ball speed, club head speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, and horizontal launch angle. These data parameters are provided on all FlightScope models (except the Xi), and can be found in the VX and Skills applications as well as the PC Software. Below are the data parameters discussed last week: Ball Speed: Launch speed of the golf ball. Ball speed has the biggest effect on carry distance. Centeredness of impact and an increase in club speed will ensure a higher ball speed. blog-1 Club Speed: Measured on the sweet spot at impact with the ball. Club speed has a direct influence on the ball speed, if struck on the club face center. blog-1 Smash Factor: Ball Speed / Club Speed The energy transfer ratio from club to ball as a result of impact position on the club face. Centered impact will improve smash factor for optimal ball speeds. blog-1 Vertical Launch Angle: Angle at which the golf ball is launched relative to the horizon of the radar. Launch angle will influence the shot height and is mostly determined by the dynamic loft and angle of attack. blog-1 Horizontal Launch Angle: Direction in which the golf ball gets launched relative to the radar’s target line. Club face angle will have the biggest effect on the horizontal launch angle of the ball. blog-1 For more information, please visit our Facebook page to watch the session from last week along with previous week’s sessions.

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