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FlightScope Driver Optimizer

19 October 2016
Distance is KING! Getting additional distance on a tee shot is highly sought after in golf. Adding distance isn’t easy, but the FlightScope Driver Optimizer will give coaches insight on what data parameters need to be adjusted to get the most out of a player's drive. blog-1 On the right hand side of the optimizer you can adjust the “Surface Type”: from soft, medium, or hard.This setting will adjust your roll distance based on an algorithm of the three types of surfaces. “Optimize for” allows you to adjust between “Carry” and “Total” distance. “Calculated at Altitude (ft)” allows you to input what altitude you're currently at or will be playing at so you can see the difference in distance from one location to the next. On the left side of the screen you will see the “Club AVG” and “Tunable” sections. “Club AVG” shows the averages of Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash, Vertical Launch, Backspin, Carry, Roll, and Total. “Tunable” shows the highest recorded ball and club speed. This table allows you to adjust the Smash, Vertical Launch, and Backspin to customize your carry and total distance. The Driver Optimizer will automatically adjust your parameter to what physics would say would get you the most carry or total distance. Tee up some drivers and let it fly. Let the FlightScope Driver Optimizer be the judge of your distance gain!