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Logo of the Sports Technology Awards where FlightScope has been named as a finalist in the Best Technology in a Single Sport category..

FlightScope is a Finalist for Best Technology in a Single Sport

26 January 2015

FlightScope has been named a finalist in the Best Technology in a Single Sport category for the Sports Technology Awards. FlightScope is competing against five other companies including Cricket Australia, Daedo Protector Scoring System - TK Strike, Chelsea Football Club in partnership with AFL Architects, Sportradar Security Services and Powerboat P1.

The Sports Technology Awards were created to recognize the ever increasing role that technology is playing in sports and to honor successful technological innovation across all aspects of the sports sector. Award categories honor elite competitors in the sports sector as well as officials, the media, amateur sports people and even the fans.

Other award categories include Best Technology for Fans, Best use of Technology by a Club or Franchise, Best Technology Partnership, Best Sports App and many more. The 2015 Sports Technology Awards will be presented in London on March 27, 2015.

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