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Logo of Chelsea Piers which uses a FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker at their facility.

FlightScope golf launch monitor being used at Chelsea Piers Golf club

24 November 2011

The FlightScope ball launch monitor is the world's first-ever 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar. This portable device, with its easy-to-use software, is used for golf instruction, swing analysis and club fitting around the world.

Students simply hit, and FlightScope does the rest. While the ball is in the air, Doppler tracking radar follows it with incredible accuracy and, within seconds, a digital image of the shot is re-created on a laptop screen. Vertical and horizontal launch angles, velocity, spin, "smash factor," ball speed and club head speed are among the many aspects measured by this revolutionary training aid.

FlightScope is regularly used in Academy schools, private lessons, custom fittings and events. To learn more about FlightScope, or to book a lesson using this technology, call the Academy front desk at 212.336.6444.