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Promotional photo showing a FlightScope golf launch monitor unit.

FlightScope in Nottinghamshire

1 September 2011

Ever wondered how much your game could benefit from knowing your club speed, ball trajectory and spin rates?

Here at Ramsdale Park our Club Fitting Professionals use FlightScope technology to analyse how you strike a golf ball and it's from this data we recommend the equipment that would best suit your swing!

Book your FlightScope session by calling our Proshop on 01159 655600


How it works?

Technology has taken professional golf and the equipment they use to new levels over the past decade. FlightScope Golf Launch Monitors give golfers of all standards the opportunity to analyse their golf shots with technology they thought only Tour Professionals had access to.

FlightScope Golf Launch Monitors use patented radar technology (similar to technology used by the military) and advanced industrial electronics to assess ball measurement and track your golf ball through its flight. This information is then instantly available to view with your Professional for analysis.

FlightScope tracks a number of variables for each shot including;

  • Real time tracking
  • Ball speed
  • Swing speed
  • Vertical & Horizontal launch angles
  • Back and side spin rates
  • Club distance comparison
  • Shot Dispersion

Who FlightScope can Benefit?

It is a common misconception that only Tour Professionals can benefit from club fitting and flightscope technology. While it may be true that Professionals are the ones to have embraced this technology, the facts are that golfers with higher handicaps are the ones who benefit most from club fitting.

FACT: Golfers with handicaps between 12-24 showed most improvement in their scores after club fitting!

Book your FlightScope club fitting session by calling our Proshop on 01159 655600

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