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FlightScope Kudu Rapidly Gaining Worldwide Momentum

9 April 2007
FlightScope® Kudu, the innovative compact indoor/ outdoor radar powered ball flight monitor system has announced a series of global retail installations in Europe and the USA that signify and reinforce the growing worldwide appeal and recognition that the technology is receiving. FlightScope Kudu is aptly named after the beautiful South African Antelope, which unlike camera based products, measures true 3D data ball spin, delivering unparalleled information in assisting golfers to understand more about what happens to the golf ball when hit by a club. FlightScope Kudu is a powerful tool in the areas of custom clubfitting and teaching.

The PGA TOUR Superstores in America are in the process of installing no less than 120 FlightScope Kudu units across their network of outlets. PGA TOUR Superstores are owned and operated by Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, Inc. (GTPS) and headquartered in Atlanta, GA. GTPS is the PGA TOUR’s exclusive PGA TOUR partner for off-course/off-airport golf retailing. Commenting on the installation plans Billy McDonald Chairman of club fitting was quick to add his endorsement; “In my opinion, FlightScope Kudu is the most accurate and easiest ball flight monitor to use that I’ve seen in the marketplace for obtaining the essential data for club fitting and teaching.”

In Europe the trend is mirrored with a growing number of golf retailers committing to the technology. Most notable is the Nevada Bob’s retail chain, where franchise stores in Wilmslow, St Helens and Manchester already have FlightScope Kudu installed with further installations expected in many additional stores, replacing obsolete launch monitors. Steve Ridall of the Wilmslow store commented; “I first saw FlightScope at the 2006 London Golf Show, my Nevada Bob Wilmslow store was undergoing a refit and I wanted to invest in launch monitor technology to enhance my indoor custom fit facility. FlightScope immediately impressed me and after 9 months of use the accuracy and realistic data characteristics provided by its radar technology has without question increased my sales whilst allowing me to lower my hardware stock holding.”

In addition to accuracy of data the portability and ease of use is a significant benefit to the customer, FlightScope Kudu excels due to the ability to set up quickly and move from one location to another, this feature is well demonstrated at Leopardstown Golf Centre. Michael Allan commented; “I am exceptionally pleased with my FlightScope Kudu ball flight monitor, having tried many other competitive products with problems this is the best solution I have used. Within my 72 bay driving range the indoor/ outdoor portability is a real bonus, it is quick and easy to set up (less than 2 minutes), extremely accurate with excellent graphics.”