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Illustration showing the logo of International Clubmakers Guild, host of the ICG meeting where the Flightscope Team conducted a presentation

FlightScope Presents at Second Annual International Clubmakers Guild Meeting

30 September 2016
The Europe Chapter of the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG) held their second annual meeting at the Fairmont Hotel in St. Andrews on September 9th to September 11th. At the event there were more than 30 attendees, including over 20 FlightScope customers. The event hosted attendees from all over the world including attendees from Spain, Holland, Germany, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, France and USA. As part of the technical discussions and presentations, FlightScope Europe Sales Manager, Jef Carr, presented to the clubmaking and fitting crowd. Some of the highlights from his presentation included:
  • Using FlightScope Skills app for a skills test before and after a fitting
  • Case studies of fitting Tour Pros
  • FlightScope speed and acceleration profiles and how they can help during a fitting
“ICG is committed to continuing professional development and education for club makers and club fitters, and the second annual meeting exemplified that with a variety of excellent workshops and seminars,” said Jef Carr, FlightScope Europe Sales Manager. “Our partnership with ICG allows us to contribute to the club making and fitting community by educating them on how FlightScope can assist to achieve ultimate precision.” FlightScope is a proud sponsor of ICG and has recently renewed its sponsorship for yet another year.