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FlightScope Speed & Acceleration Profiles

12 October 2016
In this day and age of golf technology, FlightScope separates itself from the competition with features such as the Speed and Acceleration Profiles. FlightScope is the only launch monitor that can provide this information and it’s HUGE for club fitting. Many of the world’s best fitters choose FlightScope because it provides an in-depth look at how the shaft of the club is reacting during the swing. Let’s take a closer look at what these profiles look like and how you can take advantage of them. The Speed Profile shows the speed of the club head before and after impact. The left side of this graph shows club head speed in miles per hour (mph). The bottom of the graph shows the distance (ft) the club has traveled before and after impact. The profile below shows the club head gaining speed towards impact at about three feet prior to impact. Impact is referenced as “0” on the speed profile. The most consistent ball strikers on tour have a very linear speed profile prior to impact. This is a great indication of a club head that is gaining speed without spikes or drop. Inconsistency in this profile can affect overall club head speed. blog-1 The next profile is the Acceleration Profile. This profile is the meat and potatoes for club fitters. It shows the acceleration of the club head before and after impact, displayed in g-forces. The graph below shows a very linear profile which means that there is a very stable clubhead. This would be a useful profile for a player looking for consistency in the strike. blog-1 The example below shows what you would see from an unstable clubhead. However, this profile is not always a negative. For a player with slower swing speeds this could be a benefit, as it will assist the player in gaining more clubhead speed as well as launching the ball slightly higher. blog-1 Depending on the golf swing there are many different scenarios a fitter might see in these profiles. FlightScope provides this feature to its users so they can provide the best fitting and teaching experience available. For more detailed information on FlightScope Speed and Acceleration Profiles, attend an upcoming FlightScope Academy. Please contact us for more information on how to register. Master your passion!  

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