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FlightScope Video App: Revolutionizing The Video Experience

26 May 2017
Video is a great way to analyze the golf swing and to learn how to correctly implement swing changes. While the FlightScope VX app allows for video analysis, up until now our apps did not allow for a fully customizable screen. With the release of the Video app, the user now has the ability to choose from a variety of data and video screen combinations to display during each session. Let’s take a look at the Video app features and how useful it can be whether you are a teacher, fitter, and/or player.   Data and video combined Data and video can now be combined on one screen for optimized video and data analysis. FlightScope integrations like FocusBand and BodiTrak data can be displayed alongside video, data parameters, grouping screens, D-Plane and more. This all-in-one solution gives users a simplified and more efficient way to analyze their swing. blog-1   Customizable interface From speed/acceleration profiles to a 2D trajectory to multiple camera views, you are in control of the focus of each swing. Based on your preference and goals, you can choose from the following views: Overlay, Single-Pane, Dual-Pane, or Triple-Pane. The image below is an example of a Triple-Pane view, where there are three different features or options all on one screen. Simply drag and drop the data you would like to display and get golfing! blog-1   Lesson recording Nowadays, it's key to be able to send students a recap of their session. With the lesson recording feature, users will have access to a variety of drawing tools and screencast with voiceover to provide instant, visual and audio feedback to students after each lesson. This gives the student a reference to go back to and helps reinforce the feedback provided. blog-1 The Video app is compatible with the X3, X2 Elite, X2, Xi Tour, Xi+, and Xi and can be purchased for $10 in the App Store. It will be available on Google Play soon. Please note that the Video app is only available on tablets. For more information about the Video app or our models, contact Sales at 407-967-7121 or Support at 407-412-9400.