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FlightScope VX App Video Comparison

14 September 2016
Last week we conducted a Facebook Live session and covered the FlightScope VX app video comparison. The VX app video comparison feature gives the teacher/fitter an additional arrow in their quiver. The FlightScope user now has the capability of replaying the swing in slow motion, comparing the video to the shot data, comparing the video to another video, as well as access to drawing tools to show shaft lines, plane lines, head movement, etc. FlightScope data and video are synced and stored, compiling a library of swings for the user to access and review at any given time. The VX app can be used with FlightScope Xi series, X2 series and X2 Elite. Video recordings are taken from either the X2 Elite internal boresight camera or a mobile device (iPad or Android). Phones are currently not supported by the VX app. Features Video Playback allows the user to play the video at normal speed, slow it down, and even view it frame by frame. This feature is critical to analyzing the different positions during the entire swing. blog-1 The drawing tools enhance the session with the ability to draw shaft plane lines, a spine line, and a circle around the head. This is especially helpful for players that are visual learners. blog-1 Video and Data side by side: This comparison allows the user to quantify what effect a certain movement in the swing will have on the ball flight data. blog-1 Video and video side by side: This comparison allows the player to compare himself or herself during the same session or a previous session. It is also useful in comparing one player to another. blog-1 If you have any questions on FlightScope or how to do a video comparison, please feel free to reach us at support@FlightScope.com or at 407-614-5909. Master your Passion.