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Product photo showing a FlightScope golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker from the X series.

FlightScope X Series, 3D Doppler Radars for Club Fitting and Teaching

27 October 2011

This year FlightScope introduced its X series, a range of 3D Doppler tracking radars that can be used in club fitting, teaching and practice. FlightScope will have three models on offer:  X1, X2 Basic and X2 Complete.  All three models will track the ball from launch to landing and measure spin directly. The following data parameters get published on the ball and its trajectory.

Ball Speed        Total Spin
Spin Axis        Vertical Launch
Horizontal Launch        Ball Descent Angle
Trajectory Height        Ball Descent Angle
Trajectory Height        Flight Time
Shot Dispersion        Carry Distance

The trajectory of the club on the downswing gets measured as well and gives the club fitter invaluable information on the golfer’s swing. Data on the club and swing includes:

Club Speed        Smash Factor
Speed Profile        Acceleration Profile
Vertical Swing Plane        Horizontal Swing Plane
Club Attack Angle        Club Path
Dynamic Loft to Ground        Dynamic Loft to Attack Angle
Face Angle to Target        Face Angle to Club Path

FlightScope also has driver optimizer that allows fitters to tweak launch and spin numbers to allow golfers to achieve optimal carry and total distances for the club speed that they are able to attain.

The FlightScope X1 will have comparable performance and accuracy to the X2, but needs to be connected to an external power source and have its data transferred to a PC via a USB cable.

The X2 Golf Launch Monitor replaces the current FlightScope Prime and features added benefits such as an extended 10 hour battery, camera alignment, self leveling and Wi Fi.  FlightScope has two apps available for both Android and Apple devices. With these apps FlightScope users can communicate directly with their radars without the need for a PC. This makes on course fittings a reality and a great way to set you apart from the competition. The wireless FlightScope X2 with tablet or smart phone makes life a lot easier for the traveling club fitter and gives the fitter with a studio the option to introduce a mobile fitting van to his business and be able to conduct fittings at more facilities with less time spent on setup.

David Nel

FlightScope Application Specialist